Complete your religious or meditative ceremony with these elegant Sacred Solfeggio gold tuning forks. The complete set includes six gold-colored tuning forks of the ancient Solfeggio scale. 

This series of six electro-magnetic sound frequencies are the six missing tones. Dr. Jospeh Puleo discovered the series by reducing the Pythagorean method to reduce the verse numbers to their single-digit integer. 

Use these special tones with your chanting to bestow spiritual blessings. Find a quiet place to sit and focus on the sounds of your forks. Tap each one against a firm but soft surface one at a time. 

Let the vibration of the sound wash over you. 

Explore its features like: 

• 6 standard frequencies 

• 396 Hz for liberating guilt and fear 

• 417 Hz for Facilitating Change and Support 

• 528 Hz for Transformation, Miracles and DNA Repair 

• 639 Hz for Connecting and Relationships 

• 741 Hz for Awakening Intuition 

• 852 Hz for Returning to Spirit

Start using these tuning forks to energize and align your chakras.


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