Any true believer will instantly know the power of King David's psalm harp. 

Used to refresh King Saul and remove the distressing spirit from him, this music lives on with our harp psalm music collection. Mixing lyrics inspired by the Holy Spirit and the solfeggio scales, this is a harp collection that is sure to ease and inspire. 

Like King Saul himself, you will feel the King of Kings move through you. 

This collection contains: 

• Masterful harp playing with the solfeggio scales 

• Lyrics inspired by the Holy Spirit and Scripture 

• Encouraging music that will inspire and ease 

• Unique compositions with faith and spirituality in mind 

God works His way into every life. You'll find that this collection makes it easier and you'll feel His life with every pluck of the string and inspired word. For a deep sense of spiritual connection or simply to relax, this harp collection is an instant hit for any believer.


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