Scripture harp music has a beauty and a charm of its own. You can test its power on your life by listening to the Tabernacle Prayer Book CD Set. This collection of songs accompanied by a book can take your life on heights of peace and satisfaction. 

This prayer book CD set is specially created using the frequencies discovered in the Psalms of the Bible. They reveal the link between the Solfeggio Frequencies, or Scripture Frequencies, and the Tabernacle built by Moses in the wilderness. This link is what it is believed to have helped people get closer to God and enter His presence.

 Here's is what you'll get with this Scripture harp music: 

• A collection of songs created using Solfeggio Frequencies and Tabernacle themes 

• Beautiful harp songs that offer healing for your soul 

• Worship songs created with unique frequencies in 528 Hz 

Order this inspiring Scripture harp music today and discover how beautiful and healing Scripture music can be.


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