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Medical-grade Pain Relief for Your Home — No Appointment Needed!

The reVive® Clinical is a medical grade (infrared and red) light therapy device that safely stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and relieves muscle spasms and pain.

• FDA-cleared, OTC Class II medical device
• Medical grade pain treatment
• Accelerates healing and promotes circulation
• Relief of pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and other physical ailments
• Safe, natural solution
• Lightweight handheld design is easy to move around your body so you can target sore spots
• Easy 14 minute treatments
• Safe for all skin types

How to use: Place device head within 1/4″ distance from the skin, over the desired treatment area. Leave the light on the treatment area for a minimum of 14 minutes. Do not move or wave device across the treatment area. Use a clock or time to time your treatments if desired. Move device to the next treatment area and repeat. Use daily for best results. Two 14-minute treatments per day is recommended.

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