Psalms of Aliyah music is a unique type of music that was specifically created to heal the listener and to offer peace and satisfaction. This type of biblical music includes specific frequencies that have been proven to offer healing and well-being.

The author of this spiritual music CD has been encouraged by the work of Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who discovered the 528 Mi frequency. This frequency is coupled with the chord progression used by David in the Old Testament Psalms, offering balm to your soul and true healing. 

The Psalms of Aliyah music contain the following: 

• Unique 528 Mi frequency songs 

• Special music that might be the key to unlocking your true potential in life 

• Progression harp songs from the Psalms in the Old Testament 

Order this CD with biblical music and discover how the music of David can help you find true satisfaction in your life and experience a whole new degree of healing.


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