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Commercial Use Cell Spa ® PRO-Series system is highly popular amongst commercial and professional users. This PRO-Series Ionic Foot Detox Bath machine boasts more power in all areas. Each system comes with a LCD Display computerized foot detox single user system with two arrays. Also comes with a more powerful infrared waist heat belt which comforts your waist and lower back to soothe pains. PRO-Series wrist strap sensor and packaged in a Briefcase with keys.

Each system comes with the following:

One - PRO Series LCD Display Single User Computerized Ionic Foot Bath Machine

Two - PRO Series Black Arrays

One - PRO Series Wrist Sensor Strap

One - PRO FIR Infrared Heat Waist Belt

One - Instruction Manual Booklet

One - Briefcase Storage Case with Keys

1 Year Warranty

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