Who doesn't have tired feet and calves at the end of a busy day? 

The QLive Legs Beautician is a wonderful foot and calve massager that will knead deep into the muscles and remove all that tension. You can either set a timer or put it on manual mode. There is a foot vibration panel along with a kneading system and air pressure pumps. This foot and calve massager is perfect for adults, seniors, diabetics, and anyone with tension in their feet and calves.

The QLive Legs Beautician: 

• Has a powerful kneading system, vibrating panel, and air pressure pump 

• Ideal for adults, seniors, diabetics, and anyone suffering from foot pain 

• Has a timer or manual setting for your needs 

• Most people will feel intense relief after a few minutes 

If you have pain in your feet or calves, then this is exactly what you need. Not only does this massager have multiple features, but it will remove that pain and tension within a matter of minutes. Get yours today and see how much better your feet can feel.


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