An ionic detox is a method of pulling out toxic materials from the body. This purifies the system and allows you to experience increased health and vitality. In addition to our ionic detox systems, this ionic wrist detox accessory is the perfect part. 

Use it to experience the same benefits through your wrist or to replace any broken strap parts with your existing system. Can be used with Detoxa Cell and Cell Spa machines.

 This ionic wrist accessory: 

• Works with major ionic detox systems 

• Can be used on your wrist, ankle, or anywhere else it fits 

• The perfect accessory or replacement for your ionic detox system 

• Pulls out toxins while soothing and calming the area 

When you're ready for intense feeling of calm and health, then this is the perfect accessory for your needs. After just a few minutes you'll feel completely rejuvenated. Orders your wrist detox accessory today and use it with your favorite detox machine.


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