This religious harp music album is a peaceful and inspiring collection of harp songs recorded in 528Hz. It is specially designed to work as background music for relaxation, meditation, study, therapy, or even for enabling you to fall asleep faster. 

This CD includes 4 pieces of 15 minutes each. They use the same frequencies and tonalities found in the Psalms of David in the Bible. These songs are like what the Jews use to sing when David was King over Israel, over 2500 years ago. 

This religious harp music CD contains: 

• 4 songs of 15 minutes each 

• Relaxing harp songs that enable you to relax, learn faster, fall asleep quicker and get closer to God 

• Recorded at 528Hz frequency to help you leverage all the benefits of the Solfeggio Frequencies 

Order the religious harp music meditations CD now and take improve your life with these Bible-inspired songs specially created to help you meditate, relax, study or sleep.


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