Looking for the perfect music that comes entirely from the Hebrew Psalms of David? This beautiful harp and cello music arrangement come in a two CD set. It is perfect for background music, relaxation techniques and reading the scriptures.
People can enjoy harp music and cello music by itself, or with the scriptures being read on the second CD. The focus on this composition was to follow the message of David as much as possible. 

Highlights include: 

• 2 CDs (one with music, one with scriptures) 

• Transposed from the Hebrew Psalms of David 

• High-quality producing for a distinct sound 

There is always something beautiful about hearing music come to life with meaning. This is a unique interpretation that can't be found anywhere else. 

Put together by a group of friends with a passion, people of all ages will enjoy the soothing music with purpose.

Purchase today while the price is at an all-time low!


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