Nothing can beat the Festival of His Birth music CD when it comes to harp meditations. This powerful CD contains harp medication music tracks dedicated to the birth of Messiah, Y'Shua, the King of Jews. 

Although these songs celebrate the birth of our Savior, they can be sung all year long. They are inspiring and very joyful, filling you with an indescribable joy. This music played at harp can bring insight, healing and restoration. It can guide you in situations and show you the right path to take. 

This harp meditations songs come with the following: 

• Album dedicated to the birth of Jesus 

• Songs in 528Hz frequency that celebrate His birth and have a healing effect on your body and soul 

• Bonus: Shepherd's Story, available on the CD 

Order the Festival of His Birth harp meditations and get closer to the Savior of the world who was born in this world more than 2,000 years ago to give us peace and restore us.


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