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Relief from Hand, Wrist, & Joint Pain & Stiffness

The dpl® Flex Mitt for Arthritis relaxes muscles and improves circulation and gives pain relief and healing for Arthritis pain/stiffness, nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, stress Injury, and aches in the hands. Our medical-grade infrared lights reach deep, but are safe and natural, and built to last. Feel better in just 20 minutes!

• Medical-grade LED lights reach deep into joints and soft tissue
• Relieves pain and stiffness
• Increases blood circulation
• Accelerates healing, repairs tissue, and relaxes muscles
• Enhances recovery from exercise or injury
• Safe for all skin types

How to use: Insert USB plug from pad into provided USB power supply or portable battery bank. Insert hand into device. Press on/off switch to activate lights. You can only see the red LED’s; the other LED’s are in the infrared light spectrum and cannot be seen with the human eye. Recommended treatment time is 20 minutes. This device may be used multiple times per day.

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