The ionic foot detox is an advanced system that works by pulling out the toxins from your body. This machine ionizes the foot bath, riding your body of all the toxins accumulated over the years. The toxins you may have range from the impurities found in the air to the chemicals inside your beauty products and in your home. 

This digital foot detox system is equipped with two unique arrays to help you enjoy a quicker and more effective detox. Moreover, it is equipped with an infrared waist belt that is specifically heated to soothe your lower back pains and help you relax. 

This system has the following features: 

  • Advanced ionic bath machine 
  • Two black arrays 
  • A wrist sensor strap 
  • A FIR heat waist band with infrared capabilities 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Briefcase storage 
  • One-year full warranty 

Buy this modern ionic foot machine and start leveraging all the benefits of having your body detoxed.

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