The advanced ionic foot detox dual user is a highly popular, modern ionix detox system for families and couples. It can be successfully used by professional clinics, too, since it can serve more than one customer at a time. 

The system detoxes the body by ionizing foot bath and by removing toxins from your feet. 

This dual detox system allows two people at once to enjoy the benefits of ionic detox. This is a relaxing way to get your toxins pulled from your body, to revive your blood circulation and to soothe and calm your feet after a hard day's work. 

This system comes with the following features: 

  • Dual ionic system 
  • Preloaded MP3 music 
  • Two advanced black arrays 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Wrist sensor strap 
  • Replacement fuses 
  • One-year warranty 

Order the advanced ionic foot detox dual user today and enjoy an exceptional detox system for your entire family or for your professional clinic.

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