The 9 sacred solfeggio tuning fork is a modern acoustic resonator. It allows you to discover the 3 missing notes. These 3 notes are ancient frequencies used in the past and are also known as the Secret Solfeggio. They are simply amazing and vibrate with a totally unique feel. 

The 9 sacred solfeggio tuning fork contains 9 frequencies that have been discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo. He has used a unique Pythagorean method to reduce code to single integers, so he managed to uncover 6 secret electro-magnetic frequencies.

These 6 combine with the other 3 notes used by our ancestors in Ancient Gregorian Chants to create a completely new harmony.
This device features: 

• 9 unique frequencies that take your feelings to a whole new level 

• Help you attain spiritual blessing and find your inner peace 

• Allow you to compose unique songs that spike interest 

Order the 9 sacred solfeggio tuning fork and enjoy a unique discovery in the musical industry that will help you create healing music.


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