Breathe new life into your foot detox bath machine with these replacement bath arrays. This set comes with eight arrays that will each last 30-45 sessions. 

Sink your feet into your ionic foot bath and relax as your foot spa detoxifies your body through your feet. The ion infiltration will strengthen your cell activity, motivate your metabolism, and detoxify your liver. 

The specific length of time the arrays last for each user can vary based on their use. The arrays are available in black. If you have a CellSpa or DTOXA-Cell Ionic Foot Detox, then these arrays are compatible. 

You'll feel the healing benefits from your brain to your toes as your circulation improves. Brain cell function will improve your sleep and alleviate fatigue. While the joints throughout your body will feel more limber as your arthritis is alleviated. 

  • Effective 
  • Durable 
  • Ion infiltration benefits 

Start feeling the healing benefits of your foot spa again with this 8-pack ionic detox array kit.

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