The ancient Solfeggio tuning forks use the sacred notes of the secret Solfeggio tones. This set includes six weighted tuning forks. Each fork has a colored ball at the end of the handle. 

Find a quiet place to enter a meditative state. Then one at a time tap the tuning forks against a firm yet soft surface. Listen to each unique tone and let its healing powers and spiritual blessings take their effect over you. 

These are weighted tuning forks and different from their unweighted counterparts. Each tuning fork creates a unique frequency and has a paired healing color. 

• Red: Ut liberates your guilt and fear 

• Orange: Re facilitates your change and support 

• Yellow: Mi encourages transformation, miracles, and DNA repair 

• Green: Fa for Helps you connect and strengthen relationships 

• Blue: Sol for helps you awaken intuition 

• Purple: La for helping you return to spirit 

Incorporate the sacred Solfeggio healing forks into your holistic healing practices.


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