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Nursery Pots
Material: Plastic
Color: Black

Size #1
Bottom Diameter: 27mm
Top Outside Diameter: 49mm
Top Inner Diameter: 30mm
Height: 35mm

Size #2
Bottom Diameter: 37mm
Top Outside Diameter: 57mm
Top Inner Diameter: 45mm
Height: 35mm

Brand New.
Suitable for Hydroponic and Aeroponic systems.
Made of plastic material, durable and environmental .
Foam insert Designed for supporting plant growing in Hydroponic and Aeroponic systems.
Foam can be also used to seed germination.

Package included: 10 Pcs Mesh Pot +10 Pcs Foam


At The Calming Store we are striving to offer you items that will assist you in achieving better health and wellness.

Frequency products are very important as I have learned from playing the harp. Not only music frequencies, but other frequency applications as well such as 528 Hz tuning forks, wind chimes, and singing bowls.

Not only do these sound frequency devices benefit, but there are other forms of frequencies such as essential oils and aroma therapy along with diffusers to bring wonderful smells into your homes. Closely aligned with these are skin care products from doTERRA, Seacret and Eleven Skin.

Another form of frequency is in the infrared and ultraviolet devices we have that help with pain, relaxation and healing.

Ionic foot detox systems help cleanse our systems on the inside and wonderful homeopathic soaps for the outside.

While we are cleansing, we offer water filtration systems to bring pure water into your bodies to help it function at its optimum level. All of this and more we are bringing to your doorstep for convenience and ease.

We know you have busy lives and we want to do our part to reduce your stress and assist you to optimum health and wellness. We’re in this together!

SKU: 24401247-57x37x35mm

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