Jenny Jin commented: Thank you so much for sharing. Your song has truly blessed me and refreshed
my soul. Thank you Jesus! Hallelujah our Saviour and King! How I’d love to play the harp like this one

Rachel-Hannah Tucker commented: Thank you! I've heard of the Hebrew letters corresponding to notes before. It is so good to hear it.

Monika Kaushal commented: Heaven must surely sound like that

Catherine Champagne
Very calming and healing effects on the soul. May ABBA continue to bless you and the beautiful works
of your hands

Heather Rai
Beautiful Mr. Rees! Thank you for sharing and glad you are able to enjoy the river and birds to accompany you. I think the whales were singing too!

lucia Garcia commented: Baruk Hashem.I feel so much the presence of Shalom on my heart. Thank Father yah.

symphoniesofhope commented: This has to be the most beautiful and inspired harp music I have ever heard. I hope there will be more psalms! Wonderful and so inspiring and worshipful!

C.C. commented: Awesome!

Welks commented: Just gorgeous....

Natalie Martinez commented: God is truly amongst us. Thank you . You play so beautifully 

Lana Ebarb - If this is the type of music that David played for the king as he lay afflicted in his mind, I can understand why it calmed him! It is so peaceful, soothing, and yet beseeching. I love it and want more please. Do not stop here. Make CDs so I can play it all the time! It is Gods music!

King David 7 Shalom 7
Your music is beautiful open doors and having It is wonderful for the human soul King David 7

sharon neethling
I am not a harp person at all but since listening to this mans music has touched me to the core. When I was on drugs i was so in love with Jim Morrison ,I felt connection to him. Since giving my life to my Father in Heaven whom i love with all my heart. I have in most cases have not felt that feeling of connection with christian music. I love Bach and love Joshua Aaron who is a mighty man of God. Now I have found this music and when I listen to this. I can feel this music of old touch you to your core and feel so connected to God. Thank you for the beautiful praise of worship. Shalom

So beautiful to hear you play ... just when i needed it for some rest and some healing ! LShana tovah

Absolutely from God.....wowwww

renata martins
I love your videos!! They really help me relax! Also they are really helpful for me when I'm trying to play my harp. Thank you so much!

Estrella Albarran
Wonderful rendition of the 51st Psalm! Thank you so much for sharing it. I do agree that it echos the words of the Psalm. It is wonderful.

Van Hutchinson
Steve, you are a musical version of the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Thank you for giving us back the frequency that was hijacked by the Nazi propaganda machine and substituted with nerve-wracking 440hz. Lets live and breathe in the 528..

Laura Young
I am so thankful I discovered your videos!!! What a blessing these songs have been to my home!

Good Morning
Very beautiful...I love it

Hannah Barton
Hi Steven, thank you so much for your harp play. The music draws me. Are you in Jerusalem?

I'm sure the heavens must be rejoicing when you play the harp - Beautiful display of Spiritual Integrity.
GOD Bless you Sir.

Nomad [444]
I am so buzzing that we can play scripture with a harp, I mean how amazing is our Lord......just wow such wonders await us in His Kingdom each with our own song, thank you Lord.

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Beautiful, truly mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing

James Thornsbury
Mommy died in September 2015 this is the first moment of peace i have had

Only Elohim can write a song with the letters of each word, simultaneously creating a poem and a song at the same time and have it all fit together like this! Absolutely remarkable!! Well played brother!!!
Great job!

ryzel garcia
wish i had a granpa like you!