Mission of The Calming Store

The Calming Store has come from the idea that there are many people who visit my other
website: www.calmingharp.com who are seeking to calm their lives with the music of the harp.
As I have read so many of their responses to the music, I have also recognized that they are also
seeking to enrich their lives in other ways as well. Even in my own life, I have sought and found
other ways to enrich my lifestyle through various homeopathic understandings.
As I have researched and searched for suppliers for these various applications, I started to think
that maybe these sources would be valuable to others as well. My son suggested that we might
put together a website that could offer these various sources to my loyal supporters of the harp
music and benefit them too. So, the idea of The Calming Store has come to fruition.
We want to offer good quality devices and good service to you. We also want to continue to
research other technologies and suppliers and continue to build a collection of good sources
and information that will continue to enrich your lives. While we can’t promise results, we can
learn what is having good affects on other’s lifestyles and wellbeing.
We also want to be a responsible member of the global community and attempt to address
some of the needs of people in developing countries by diverting a good share of our profits
towards alleviating some of their needs. Already, we have been contributing to an orphanage in
Thailand, and orphanage in India and an orphanage in Uganda. As this website grows, these
contributions will increase as a percentage of the profits. We will also continue to seek out
other areas of need that we can help out with.
In short, we desire to help make people’s lives better through various calming supplies as well
as through providing resources to those who have basic needs throughout the world. We all
have needs and our hope is that at the end of the day, we will have made a difference in many
lives around the world.
Blessings - Steve