Today Community is defined a lot of different ways, I think the most common would be something along the lines of a group of people, a town and surroundings.  To some it may mean common interests or ways of thinking, but when I looked up the definition for myself the one that really stood out to me was "Identity"

The Calming Store is all about community in the sense of identity, I believe this is important because when your identity is no longer about yourself what else can it be about?

On one side we are focused on bringing our knowledge from 30 years in the medical industry and lessons learned on what to be aware of, it is also about the past 15+ years experiencing the depths of the harp and frequency that has brought peace to so many who were struggling with pain.

It is also in large part bringing those past experiences and knowledge to bring new technology with light therapy, power strips, essential oils and all the rest, but if we stopped there it would only be half the story.

The whole reasoning behind The Calming Store comes from a deep seeded desire to make a difference in peoples lives, in this we aren't really any different than a lot of other companies now days.  It seems the buzz words going around today are ones like "Legacy" and "Giving Back" which I completely agree with, unfortunately I've seen in person too many times the actual intent or end means of what ends up happening and I can't help but get a little frustrated.

My dad and I wanted to change that which is why we started The Calming Store, Steve was already doing another website called Calming Harp which showcases his harp music based a lot on the Psalms of David.  With The Calming Store we wanted to put a focus on holistic health that wasn't just based on nutrition which is where a lot of homeopathic looks, we wanted to look at other therapy as well, but the main reason was to directly effect community (Identity) in a way "charities" can't.

When you support us by purchasing from The Calming Store, know that we go directly to the source of where people need help and for lack of a better word, help them.  If an orphanage in Africa needs money to feed kids who's parents where killed by war, we do everything we can to help them continue to feed those children.  If we can help an orphanage in Thailand install an aqua garden to feed the children who live there, we are going to do everything we can to make that happen.

My belief is if you only have such a short time on this earth why not do everything you can to make it a better place after you're gone than when you arrived.

Yours Sincerely,