Woman enjoying a glass of purified water

Water Filtration Systems for Quick, Clean Water

Water is the basis for life on earth and there is a severe shortage of good quality drinking water,
bottled water is great but the end product of what is left over is the bottle itself and most of the time they end up in a landfill rather than being recycled. 

Even the process of making a plastic bottle even if it is from fully recycled material isn't the best for further polluting the water supply. 

We also have to be concerned with chemicals like chlorine and fluorine which are not only toxic but make the water taste bad in unfiltered water.

With less than 1% of the water in the world suitable for drinking we believe strongly in giving our community what we believe is the best natural gravity water filtration system on the market.

And that is where Berkey comes in, There is a better solution to safe, beautiful tasting, drinking water.

The Berkey company has developed an excellent filtration system that removes not only the toxins from the water but also removes the elements that make it taste bad. The Berkey drinking water is superior to other systems on the market because instead of forcing the water through the filters under pressure, it allows the water to flow through the filter by gravity. This allows the water to have a longer contact with the charcoal in the filter which in turn allows for more time for absorption of the toxins into the filter material. This produces a great tasting, clean drinking water for your consumption.

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