Shalom music is a music CD in MP3 format that contains many songs that have a long history. The spiritual shalom music is specially created at harp and features powerful frequencies that are recognized to offer inner peace and boost self-esteem.

This unique collection of biblical shalom music is inspired by Elohim himself, the true God of the Jewish people. The words of the Creator are combined with unique musical frequencies used in the Old Testament to bring the Jewish people closer to God. 

The Shalom music CD features the following: 

• A collection of gorgeous songs that bring you peace and tranquility 

• 5 bonus Shalom power clips that help you reprogram your DNA so you can tune to the divine frequencies of the Creator 

• 528 Hz high-quality music that has the power to heal 

Order this spiritual Shalom music CD and take your life to a whole new level by knowing the true Shalom that comes from the Almighty.


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