Rise Up is an original composition of melodic harp frequency music created by Avadim. 

The harp is masterfully played so the notes penetrate deep into the body and facilitate healing throughout. As the composer reached to the heavens, these songs were given in response. A call for a proper order of being as Spirit, soul, and then body. 

You will find these unique harp melodies will support every aspect of your being.
You get: 

• Melodic and masterful harp playing that penetrated deep into the body 

• The frequencies have been meticulously tuned to affect you on the cellular level 

• Crafted with the Holy Spirit in mind, perfect for prayer 

• Calms every aspect of your being 

If you're looking for melodic harp music that has God in mind and will help ease and restore your being, then this is ideal. You'll find that it allows God to work His ways in your life and will make you feel at peace.


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