The living Water music album is a new melodic combination CD that features unique chord progressions played at harp. This water inspired music comes right from the Bible, more specifically from Psalms 90 through 100. Often referred as the Psalms of Moses, this unique collection of 11 psalms is a true blessing to those who hear them.

This music CD includes soft hard music accompanied by piano, all in 528 Hz chord progression. This collection of music has the power to breathe life into you and help you transform your soul into a living water well.

This living water music CD features the following: 

- Several songs played at piano and harp 

• Words taken from Psalms 90 through 100 to offer you wisdom 

• The songs have the power to restore your health and bring happiness into your life. 

Order this water inspired music CD and discover the potential hidden in the psalms of the Bible.


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