The ionic foot detox spa is a powerful, professional detox machine that boasts more power than any other ionic foot detox device. This is a commercial type of device that can be used to detox multiple users. Even if it works for residential users, it is highly recommended for professional cabinets and therapeutic salons. 

The PRO Ionic Foot Detox leverages the power of cell spa to take the detox process to a whole new level. In addition to the two arrays it comes equipped with and the computerized system, it also features an infrared heat belt to soothe lower back pain.

This device includes the following:

 • Computerized foot detox system

• Two arrays for quicker use in professional salons

• Infrared waist heat belt 

• Wrist strap sensor 

• Briefcase for transport included 

• One-year warranty 

Order this professional ionic foot detox spa and take your customers' spa experience to a new level.


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