Medical grade anti-aging light therapy device

LED Light Therapy Devices

Just like sound, light travels in waves of energy. While sound requires a medium like water or
air to travel through, light can travel through a vacuum because it is actual photons traveling in
energy waves. Various frequencies or wavelengths of light have different affects on our bodies.
Some can be helpful, and some, like ultraviolet, can give us a sunburn. One company that has
done a tremendous amount of research to discover which wavelengths are beneficial to us is
the DPL Technology Company, and I am happy to announce that we are working together with
The Calming Store to offer these FDA approved devises for your benefit.
ReVive Light Therapy® uses Deep Penetrating Light (dpl®) Technology, working from the inside
out to penetrate deeper, and enhances the body’s cell repair mechanism. Research and clinical
studies have demonstrated dramatic effects in pain relief, injury recovery, acne treatment and
anti-aging treatment with light therapy. These LED light therapy devices have been engineered
to medical grade specifications and are safe for all skin types.
DPL has identified the specific spectrums of light that generate the desired effects naturally
within our body’s cellular structure and replicated these spectrums with high power LED light
micro-chips. They have been able to remove all harmful and non-productive light spectrums
and deliver concentrated doses of the effective spectrum of light to the body.