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Many years ago, I was introduced to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto in which he froze different samples of water taken from different sources. He would photograph these frozen samples and record the different formations seen with differing levels of malformations that resulted from these different sources. I remember one of the more remarkable examples was from a sewer pond that produced a very deformed frozen sample. Dr. Emoto then projected a 528 Hz sound source through the water and then refroze another sample. The results were amazing; the crystal formation of the water was a perfect snowflake design. All the deformity was gone, and the perfect structure of the water was restored. “The Hidden Messages in Water” by Masaru Emoto.
That work convinced me that there was something about the 528 Hz sound frequency that I needed to understand and started me on a journey that I am still on today. If you go to my website: you can download a free copy of my small e-book “Life in 528 Hz”.
Just recently, a friend of mine on Facebook shared a video with me about “structuring” water. A fairly new technology called Biophotonics was used to examine different forms of structuring water to determine which one was more effective than others.
The term “structured water” is a very controversial term and concept and I have read several papers that declare it to be “pseudo-science”. A look at a Wikipedia entry on the subject is not too encouraging either. Many devises claim that their form of structured water is the best and it is what our cells need to be able to function properly and efficiently. Even Dr. Emoto’s work has been heavily criticized. So, in light of all that, I was interested in taking a look at a new form of assessment.
Biophotonics as described in Wikipedia is a combination of imaging technology and therapeutic applications. It utilizes light, or photons in the "development and application of optical techniques, particularly imaging, for the study of biological molecules, cells and tissue". In other words, it is able to detect small levels of light being emitted from biological sources and determine the health and energy levels of those sources.
This is the video that my friend passed on to me on Facebook from YouTube:

In this video you will see several different water structuring devices tested by measuring the resulting water with a biophotonic scanner. The results are quite interesting. Let me say upfront though, I am not trying to endorse or disparage any particular devise by presenting this video. I am more interested in the results of the scans that were done on specific sound frequencies that the water was treated with.
The two frequencies that were used were the 432 Hz frequency and the 528 Hz frequency. (I have written an article on my website comparing these two frequencies.) Both frequencies showed much higher levels of photon emissions than the water produced from the other devices. Intuitively this makes sense. Sound is energy traveling in waves through a particular medium like water or air, and it is not surprising that this energy absorbed by the water would stimulate photon emission.
This is really fascinating to be able to see this in an image produced by a biophoton scanner. To me it is another evidence of what Dr. Emoto was showing with his original experiments many years ago. We know that in many chemical reactions, the addition of energy will help facilitate the rearrangement of the molecules involved in the reaction. So also, is it too much of a stretch to see that even water molecules will be enhanced by the addition of specific energy waves of sound.
Our body cells are emitting photons all the time, and when we are healthy there are more photons than when we are not. Infected areas show even more photons because of the healing activity that is taking place. The level of photons can be used to determine the level of health of the tissue being observed. Here is a biophoton scan that shows these photons:

(image from

We are constantly being reminded from various sources of how important it is for us to be sufficiently hydrated with recommendations of how much water we need to consume on a daily basis. As we now look at this information, it is easy to see why this could be so important. If good water is bringing energy into our cells, this energy could easily be contributing to the health of our cells. So, it would seem that good water sources could assist in helping maintain optimal health at the cellular level in our bodies.
But that isn’t even what I am most excited about. Because of my interest in frequencies and their effects on the physiology of our bodies, what really excites me is the possibilities of what these frequencies can do to our whole bodies. If we listen to music or sound waves that have these frequencies within it, the same effects that we see in a glass of water with the biophoton scans could be expected to occur throughout our bodies on a much larger scale. Remember, we are 70-80% water. Wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect the same results within the water and cells of our bodies as we listen to this calming music?
As I receive email after email of the wonderful effects of the calming harp music that I produce, I am more and more convinced that there is a therapeutic benefit to the listener derived from the sound frequencies that I record with. The FDA won’t let me say that I can cure anything, or address any specific disease condition, but my experience and the multiple stories that are relayed to me tell me that there is something here that we need to pay attention to.
While it is wonderful to have technology being developed that actually visualizes these photons, I still ask a basic question, “What is it doing for you? How is it benefitting you?” Not everything beneficial can be proven scientifically or measured in a test tube. For those who need that however, at least here is a bit more “proof” to consider.