The Light in The Darkness

The Light in The Darkness

In the quiet of the morning just after waking from a night’s rest, the mind is focused whereas hazy for some, it is time to write and see the power of the words upon my heart come to bear of the state the world has become.

As the demon possessed once spoken about in the bible said all those years ago, Yeshua I know and Paul I have heard of, but who are you? That sums up the state of our churches and in so many ways it sums up who we as believers have become.  I remember in school the big question always seemed to be where had the power of the Acts church gone, maybe more importantly where had the power of Torah gone, remember there was a time where Elohim dwelt amongst his people in displays of power and glory the world had never seen.

There never has been an excuse, who we are and what we do has always been a choice, there is no devil made me do it the choice has always been fully in your hands, when Moshe went to the mountain and was gone 40 days even though Elohim himself covered that mountain in a cloud in full view of the people, they still made the golden calf to worship it instead of the one true Elohim.  This Is after they had seen plagues laid upon the Egyptians, deliverance from their slavery, the parting of an entire sea and on and on and on, they still turned away at the first chance and it is still the same today as it was then, we look to man for our solutions instead of Elohim.

Elohim wanted to be among his people, and they were the ones who said no, Elohim is too scary instead let there be a mouthpiece for him to speak his word to us, now maybe would we give everything to hear from Elohim himself and see the power of his hand once again move across the hearts of the people of this land.  All Elohim has ever wanted is for all of his creation to worship him in faith and unity so that he can pour his blessings upon his people of all nations, of all colour and of all languages.

In Elohim we are all one, his love is the binding power of all of it, but when we give in to hate and fear we begin to unwind that binding power and allow the division of the enemy in, the watch towers have been abandoned and the enemy is at the gates while the sentry is sleeping within unaware of the danger that is moments from breaking through.  We have shut our churches and places of worship at the whim of power-hungry demon possessed governments showing we seek the approval of man above the approval of Elohim and perhaps church is just entertainment now and Elohim is far removed from it.

The bible says the fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom, how can this now be when we fear man’s word above Elohim? We have turned to darkness seeking peace and comfort meeting only death and despair, we seek out demons disguised for love only to find hate and deception.  My Elohim is love and peace and mercy, but we forget he is also judgement and wrath as has been evidenced so many times through history and at some point he will demand a harvest where the good and evil are separated and judged each to the works they have performed and the relationship they have for the light and for the darkness.