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We have talked quite a lot about the incredible effects of music on our physiology. We have talked about beneficial frequencies and how they can potentiate the beautiful effects of music and make it even more profound. We have also noted that there are different ways of presenting music and different available genres of music. I have even performed some of the beautiful effects of the calming harp music that I offer on my website:

and on my YouTube channel:

In this article, I would like to explore some more of the characteristics of the harp. I would like to help you gain a better understanding of what makes the music of the harp so unique and effective. There are many instruments available to play music upon, but the harp holds a unique position in the musical instrument family. One of my friends calls the harp the "Queen of Instruments" and jokingly says that when the harp shows up, the other instruments must bow.

I am indeed partial to the harp since I play one and build them. I must admit that I have always been attracted to the harp. I find as I travel around the country and internationally, that the harp does draw a lot of attention. I am always amazed when people tell me that they have never seen a harp before. Some say they have never seen someone actually play one. Some people come up to me and ask me what it is!  Indeed, there are not many harpists in the music scene, but I believe that that phenomenon is changing.

I commented in another article I placed about a year ago about how the harp sounds its notes, but let's review it. The harp is unique in how it sounds out the notes to be played. Each note has a separate string that sounds it out. Once that string is plucked, it continues to vibrate for quite some time. In contrast, a guitar or violin has to have the string pressed against a fret or fingerboard. That changes the note or chord. Once that new finger position is pressed, the previous note is not heard anymore. The harp has many notes playing at the same time. Some are louder than others, depending on when the note was played. The longer the note is sounding, the softer it gets. As the music is performed on the harp, the prominent notes are heard. Yet, there is a subtle range of harmonics that are sounding as background throughout the music.

This continuous background harmonic is what gives the harp such a unique ability, especially when we are talking about tuning to 444 Hz for calibration and playing in the 528 Hz for the duration of the music. As I play in a key that has the C major chord as a dominant chord throughout the music, the 528 Hz frequency is sounding out throughout the music. The two major keys are either C major or F major. This tuning allows for the beautiful effects of the 528 Hz I receive many emails and comments on my YouTube channel videos.

I have received many emails and comments on my videos on YouTube and my website. I am told that many people are finding the harp music that I provide is assisting in helping them get to sleep and calm themselves in troubling times. I have had some even tell me that they received healing from various maladies from listening to the music.

I am not going to claim any magical powers, but I do believe that the calming effects of harp music do help settle our bodies. It allows our natural immune responses and healing to be able to function better.

I am asked frequently if the music is only beneficial if it is performed live; if playing it on a CD or from an mp3 file is as effective. I can only say that many people that use my CDs report that they are receiving great benefits from listening to them. I would guess that live music would be "fuller," but at the same time, most of the frequencies are preserved in the recordings. Besides, I can't be everywhere at once, giving you live performances – smile!

So many times, when I give my website:, people think I say "calming heart." I was thinking about that the other day, and I was noting how amazing that is that the two words are so similar; "Heart" and "Harp." Maybe after all, as we understand the frequencies and the calming effects, Heart and Harp are actually connected. Perhaps the harp is the way to the heart!

The music of the harp is unique – It is healing – It is Calming – And it brings us into a place where we can experience Shalom for Life!