Rak Chazak

Rak Chazak

Steve Rees

This video was what started it all for me as I watched it months ago and until recently it didn’t make sense, I could tell there was something there, but I didn’t know what it was, but now I do, and I explore it more every day.

Rak Chazak means everything to me, I’ve said we all must be guided and choose a hill to die on and this one is mine; this Audacious Certainty of Success speaks so clearly to our assured victory at the end and the hope and promise of the world to come, the new heaven and the new earth, our eternal home.

I can remember waking in the night surrounded by fear, this tangible sense of fear where I began to pray and the spirit just kept saying Rak Chazak, Rak Chazak over and over so I joined in and could feel the boldness of the spirit within, and victory and peace take the place of fear.  The enemy fears the emboldened believer, he want’s us weak, afraid, confused, full of regret and shame, but not one of those speaks to any character of Elohim, our War Cry is victory, our War Cry is Rak Chazak.

I remember recently reading in Hebrews Chapter 11 Verse 38, it starts “Persons of who the world was not worthy” That is the spirit of Rak Chazak, read all of chapter 11 as it was and is life changing.  Think of Daniel being thrown in the lion’s den but remember before he was faithful to Elohim despite the decree of the king, remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the furnace because they would not bend the knee and worship the idol, their Audacious Certainty of Success was in Elohim either they would be justified or they would be dead, either way they would not compromise their belief in Elohim.

Paul facing his persecution in Jerusalem because of his faith in Mashiyach was able to stand before Cesar in Rome, and David because of his faith and Audacious Certainty of Success was able to fell the giant Goliath and route the enemy.

And now today, there are so many examples in the bible and through history this could be an endless book of their deeds, but we the set apart believers living in this present are so many are pushed around, beaten spiritually, downtrodden and oppressed. This War Cry is where the line is drawn, this is where we say no further, this is where we live to the calling Elohim has put upon us since the foundations of the world were, and this is where we finish the work he has put before us, and that is when we will go to meet him in the clouds of his glory and live in eternity with our father.

If you want to know what Rak Chazak is, now you know, my prayer is that it blesses you and changes your life just as it has mine.