PEMF for Health and Wellness

PEMF for Health and Wellness

Steve Rees

PEMF for Health and Wellness

I would like to share another modality that has proven to give some great health benefits. PEMF is the abbreviation for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. It describes a technology that delivers an even magnetic field combined with a frequency generator that energizes the magnetic coils to create the beneficial Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency. These devices usually take the form of a body length matt that a person lays on to apply the frequencies to the cells of their body.  

A wide variety of professional and consumer PEMF devices are sold and marketed as FDA registered wellness devices. The majority are manufactured in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and are imported into North America as electric massagers or full body electric yoga mats. They are either placed on a massage table for clinical use or directly on the floor in the home to practice simple yoga postures. The companies that sell and manufacture them as "general wellness products" are not permitted to make medical claims of effectiveness in treating disease.

Even though many of these devices have been registered with the FDA, they have been so only for specific tested applications and one of the troubles in the marketing of these devices is that many non-researched claims are made by various manufacturers and sales teams. This has caused some to turn away from the possibilities of this modality as well as the medical world to take a cautionary view of the technology.

What I would like to cover in this article is the aspects of this technology that have been proven to be beneficial by various research projects. There are several physiological phenomena that have been observed through this research that I believe commends this modality for further consideration of those seeking alternative means of benefitting their health and wellness.

“PEMF therapy has been used successfully in the management of postsurgical pain and edema, the treatment of chronic wounds, and in facilitating vasodilatation and angiogenesis. Using scientific support, the authors present the currently accepted mechanism of action of PEMF therapy.

 This review shows that plastic surgeons have at hand a powerful tool with no known side effects for the adjunctive, noninvasive, nonpharmacologic management of postoperative pain and edema. Given the recent rapid advances in development of portable and economical PEMF devices, what has been of most significance to the plastic surgeon is the laboratory and clinical confirmation of decreased pain and swelling following injury or surgery.”

The term “vasodilation and angiogenesis” is referring to the ability of the blood vessels to enlarge and allow more blood to flow through them as well as producing more blood vessels in which blood can flow. This helps get more blood to flow to areas that need more nutrition and oxygen either for muscular activity or for healing and tissue regeneration.

It has long been understood that many negative health issues are related to not getting enough blood supply to an organ or tissue so that the cells are not supported and nourished sufficiently to maintain a healthy condition. Many pains, injuries, organ failures, ulcerations, or even amputations are directly caused by this lack of blood flow. Many disease conditions such as diabetes have complications that are directly related to compromised blood flow. Our body’s immune system is not able to function efficiently if there is insufficient blood flow. So if we think about how restricted blood flow can effect these disease conditions, we can also see how many of these conditions can be reversed or even eliminated if we can restore brisk adequate blood flow to the affected area.

A study published at:  showed that PEMF applied to persons who suffered from Osteoarthritis in their knees significantly reduced their pain levels In a double blind controlled study, PEMF was used as the therapy modality to test the effectiveness of PEMF in pain control. It was also observed in the study that not only was the pain reduced in the tested knees, but their function had significantly improved. This finding appears to support the belief that there was healing taking place at the cellular level.

I could list many other studies that have been completed with similar results on various disease conditions and the application of the PEMF devices to these conditions. Some are more successful than others. The bottom line is that there can be some major benefits from using PEMF devices and most of the studies mention minimum to no side effects.

Today, our populations suffer from many disease conditions. Some are self-inflicted, some are environmental, and others are genetic or the combination of these. As we consider that our blood circulation is at the heart of many to most of these conditions, I would like to suggest that PEMF be considered as an adjunct to healing and maintaining more optimal health.

There are many devices available today that offer PEMF. I will not take the time here to list out all there is or talk about the pros and cons of various ones. There are several websites online that are very helpful in analyzing the various devices that are available. I do have some preferences personally that I would be glad to share with you, but I can not advertise them here. If you want to contact me personally at my email:  I would be glad to give you a recommendation.

The bottom line is this – give PEMF a real consideration for your health and wellbeing. It is a recognized modality that has produced some amazing results and it doesn’t require a doctor’s signature. There is a cost upfront in purchasing a device, but what does it cost you to engage the medical system and buy the pharmaceuticals that are prescribed. Take charge of your health!