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Rachel was beside herself. Her baby was experiencing an extreme case of eczema over her whole body and the doctors didn’t know what to do. They had tried creams and oral medications, but nothing was working. No one had thought about finding any deficiencies in her diet and giving the proper natural supplements to address it. No one that is, until Rachel, in desperation began to research what might be related to the symptoms that her daughter was experiencing. Rachel ran a health food store, so her thoughts turned towards natural supplements and the deficiencies that they addressed. Little did she realize the dramatic effects she would see once the proper natural supplements were administered to her suffering baby.

As Rachel dove into researching the probable causes for her daughter’s condition and finding the correct natural supplements that could correct the accompanying symptoms, she began to home in on those symptoms caused by insufficient Magnesium in the diet. One of the listed symptoms was eczema which matched what her baby daughter was experiencing. Rachel also used some trials with different foods in her diet to see which ones might be linked with the appearance of the symptoms. This eventually led to the discovery that she had eaten at a restaurant that used MSG in their food preparation. As the research developed, she discovered that there would need to be a natural supplement of Magnesium and an avoidance of MSG at the same time. As she found out, the MSG kept the body from absorbing Magnesium and therefor created the need for the natural supplementation of Magnesium to address the eczema symptoms that her daughter was experiencing.

Rachel believed that she could find natural good sources that would offer the supplementation that she needed so she started researching out food sources. She found that coffee of all things, that was not ferment processed (wet processing) and cacao that also was not fermented were excellent sources of Magnesium to use for a natural supplement. She produced a combination of dry processed cacao beans and dry processed Ethiopian longberry coffee that she called Magnesium Medicine and began to give it as a natural supplement to her daughter. The results were what many people referred to as a miracle! The baby’s skin cleared up and she began to grow hair on her scalp.

When we met Rachel and her family, Jenna was a healthy bubbly 9-year-old girl with absolutely no symptoms of the eczema that had once plagued her; a great testimony to the effectiveness of natural supplementation. Rachel offered some of her natural supplement – Magnesium Medicine – to us that evening and my wife said she would decline because it had coffee in it and she wouldn’t sleep. Rachel dared her to try it anyway and said, “The coffee in this natural supplement will not keep you awake,” and went on to tell us about the characteristics of wet processed versus the dry processed coffee beans and cacao that she used in this natural supplement. My wife accepted her dare and took some and had one of the best sleeps of her life. In the morning Rachel knowingly smiled and told her that the Magnesium also produced extra serotonin that helps to calm us down.

As I talk with farmers and nutritionists, I am being told repeatedly that even our organic foods don’t have the levels of minerals that were present in earlier times. We have had so many crops grown off our soils that many of the trace minerals have been depleted. I told the story of Rachel and Jenna because I wanted to underscore the idea that we can be eating all the right foods, but still not getting all the minerals and vitamins that we need. That is why The Calming Store has decided to begin to offer natural supplements to our community. We have teemed up with Fullscript to offer a wide variety of natural supplements and other items from multiple sources and suppliers to give you a wide choice in addressing any deficiencies that may be showing up in your life. We have included a list titled “My Favorites” that you can use as a guide for your purchases or you can cruise through the whole catalog to find something specific you are looking for in natural supplements.

It is the goal of The Calming Store to provide you with information, education, resources and supplies so that you can gain the knowledge you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Natural supplements are one of those categories that contribute to the whole package. Take a look at our favorite natural supplements and determine which ones will work for you. You will find the Fullscript site easy to use and very helpful in determining which natural supplements will work best for the situations that you are facing today. Your control over your health is our goal!