Food Freedom = Real Life Transformation

Food Freedom = Real Life Transformation

Steve Rees

Subject: Food Freedom = Real Life Transformation

Yay, it's finally here! Well almost...

...The Essential Oils Diet by my friends, Dr. Eric and Sabrina Zielinski officially publishes on May 7, but you can get started today!

For anyone that pre-orders Dr. and Mama Z’s  new book today, they are offering a super awesome book bonus package that includes 2 eBooks to get you started right away and a group coaching coaching program valued at $397.

They are also including more than 4 hours of never-before-seen videos ($197 value) which includes:

  • Six of Mama Z's brand new cooking shows.
  • An exercise video series where Mama Z shows you how to successfully perform each home exercise recommended in the book.
  • A pre-recorded live shopping tour to help you navigate the supermarket.
  • And more...

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Inside the pages of The Essential Oils Diet, you’ll discover the truth about:

  • Nutritional value labels and why reading them is pointless (Flip to page 16)
  • Diets like Keto, Paleo, and other restrictive plans and the real reason they don’t work in the long-term (Find this on page 18)
  • Bioactive compounds and how a bioactive-rich diet can protect your body from free radicals, burn calories and even prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. (Turn to pages 31-36)
  • The Awful Eight so-called “health foods” that have been connected to everything from bladder, breast and endometrial cancer to allergies, seizures, headaches and more. (Read about these on page 51-59)
  • The Essential Eight bioactive-rich foods that impact your weight and your health (Listed on page 78)
  • Using essential oils to burn off stubborn fat, reset your metabolism, balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation and unhealthy food cravings (Discover all of this on pages 117-136)

Food Freedom = Real Life Transformation

This is NOT another diet made to be broken, The Essential Oils Dietis a proven, healthy lifestyle plan that taps into the natural power of bioactive foods & essential oils to help you reach your ideal weight and fight disease from the inside-out.

You'll find "food freedom" again. No more counting carbs, calories or fats.

Your life will never be the same because we'll show you how to live in a way that is enjoyable (i.e. no "cheat days"), sustainable (this is not a fad) and abundant life giving!

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It’s Time to Get Started

Did you know that, according to research, it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit?

That’s why this high-octane, laser-focused 60-day Essential Oils Diet challenge is the best companion to The Essential Oils Diet book.

Give Dr. Z and Mama Z a mere two months and they’ll help you reshape your entire outlook on food, exercise and healthy habits to set you up for the rest of your life!

This one-of-a-kind bonus empowers you to create your Essential Oils Diet plan with 60 days of group coaching from Dr. and Mama Z and the encouragement of fellow enthusiasts inside the intimate and safe Support Group.

Making lifestyle changes is easy and fun when you have expert coaching AND a cheerleading community rooting for you!

When you pre-order your copy today, you also get these “BONUSES (worth $735!) to further equip you for an abundant and healthy life.

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