Exciting Development in Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy

Exciting Development in Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy

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Imagine… A vibrant, energetic, healthy you! Aches and pains are ancient history. Your doctor hasn’t heard from you in such a long time that your medical records have been put in storage. Sounds great, right!? But sadly, aches and pains, frequent trips to the doctor and far too many medications have become the “norm” for too many of us. Would you like to be able to heal from injuries and diseases
more quickly and thoroughly? Would you like to be able to perform better as an athlete or just be able to perform your daily routines with more vitality? This is all possible if you can increase your micro-circulation or blood flow in your capillary blood vessel system.  There is an exciting technology I am going to share with you that is even being used by NASA for our astronauts! What do you think would happen if 30% more oxygen and nutrients could get into your cells? If your body’s cells could take in 30% more oxygen and nutrients while more efficiently eliminating toxins and metabolic waste by increasing blood flow, your body could absolutely do what it was designed to do. That is, your body could more efficiently heal itself. After all Life is in the Blood!

Brief Introduction:

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The capillary blood flow is the delivery system that brings each blood cell to your body’s tissues. If the capillaries are clogged, then the blood does not flow well, and the oxygen and nutrients do not get to the cellular level of our body. When oxygen and nutrients do not get to the cells, injury takes place. An example of this is a diabetic ulcer that won’t heal.
Our bodies were designed to heal. Most functions of our body from brain to heart to muscles and more, will function well and heal well from injury if only there is a good supply of blood to those tissues. We hear a lot about what happens when blood gets cut off to the heart as in a heart attack or to the brain as in a stroke. But what we don’t hear so much about is micro-circulation. This is the blood flow at the capillary level. This is the most critical circulation. Blood flowing in these small vessels is where all the action is. If blood doesn’t get through these vessels or is impeded, then the cells begin to suffer.
That is why I am so excited about this PEMF technology. The company I am working with is called BEMER. I believe that they are on the cutting edge of this technology with their patented wave frequency and proven effectiveness. Of all the competitors with this technology, BEMER’s micro-circulation effects are much higher and last a lot longer as proven in lab studies. The closest competition
doesn’t even reach the residual level that BEMER produces after 12 hours post-treatment.
Much of today’s approach to medical treatment is to prescribe some medication to address the symptom. That drug must be absorbed into the blood stream and then transported to the cells where it does its work. The only problem is that the blood must get to the cells. Not only is the medication not very effective because of the compromised blood flow, but maybe the medication wouldn’t even be
needed if the blood flow was increased to the micro-circulation for the cell’s needs.

A simple 8-minute session in the morning and again in the evening will give you all these benefits so we really aren’t talking about a large time commitment. Some medical conditions may do better with more time, but amazing benefits are achieved with these short sessions. There is even a sleep mode that can be used during the night when our bodies are doing most of their repair work.
The BEMER is very easy to use since you can just lay it out in your favorite easy chair or even on your bed. It is full body length so that all areas of your body are affected during the treatment. It is also easy to transport when you travel anywhere as it folds up and fits into a small carry-on bag or roller suitcase.
A smaller pad also comes with it so that you can apply it to a specific problem area such as your eyes or a sore shoulder.
Many Doctors are now including it in their therapy selection and some amazing stories are continually being told about how effective this technology is. If you are interested in some scientific studies, you can find a lot of information by going to: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=pemf+therapy
Remember to check out this marvelous technology here: The BEMER