Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Steve Rees
How to have beautiful tasting drinking water
Save money and remove toxins from your water

Who would have ever thought that you would pay more money for safe, good tasting drinking water than you do for fuel for your car? Today, as more and more toxins are being found in our water sources; as more and more municipal water supplies are adding chemicals like chlorine and fluorine which are not only toxic but make the water taste bad, many people are turning to buying bottled water as their source for good tasting drinking water. Many companies have sprung up over the past decades to supply good tasting drinking water in bottles that we can buy in the store, using spring water and glacier water as a source to mass produce this bottled water that many people buy by the case.

One of the big problems with using bottled water for your drinking water is the bottle itself. Most of these bottles are plastic or glass that end up in the land fill. There are many recycling programs that have been started to try and deal with this issue, but the problem remains. Every plastic bottle of drinking water that is purchased represents, first of all, a resource of petroleum that was needed to make the bottle or the energy that was required to make the glass. The next problem we run into is in storing those bottles somewhere until we decide to buy and drink this water. Then comes the third issue of what we do with the bottle once we have had the drinking water and the plastic or glass bottle is left.

There is a better solution to safe, beautiful tasting, drinking water. The Berkey company has developed an excellent filtration system that removes not only the toxins from the water but also removes the elements that make it taste bad. The Berkey drinking water is superior to other systems on the market because instead of forcing the water through the filters under pressure, it allows the water to flow through the filter by gravity. This allows the water to have a longer contact with the charcoal in the filter which in turn allows for more time for absorption of the toxins into the filter material. This produces a great tasting, clean drinking water for your consumption.

Besides the ecological problem with the plastic bottles, is the consideration of the convenience of having your own Berkey system set up at your home to provide great tasting drinking water at very low cost without having to go to the store frequently and storing the cases you buy there somewhere in your home.  The Berkey filter system provides you with “on tap” pure drinking water that hardly requires any space in your home and is instantly available whenever you want or need it. If you were to do an analysis of how much cost and effort it too you to use bottled water versus a Berkey filter system, you would find that the Berkey system gives you wonderful drinking water at a fraction of the cost of the store-bought bottled water.

In summary, I believe I have shown how much more convenient the Berkey filter for drinking water is over the typical bottled water that so many people are using today. Not only does the Berkey system offer pure drinking water at a fraction of the cost of traditional bottled water, but it saves the environment from millions of cubic feet of land fill that are added to by the discarded plastic and glass bottles. The ease of use and small use of space of the Berkey system for drinking water should make it the top choice of anyone who is concerned with the quality of drinking water today. Let me challenge you to check out the details and then come to our www.thecalmingstore.com and order your Berkey system today. We even have small travel systems that you can take with wherever you go!