Diffusing Essential Oils

Diffusing Essential Oils

Steve Rees
How to Calm a Room by Diffusing Essential Oils -
Beautiful Aromas for Calming and Relaxing


Do you need some help relaxing just before you go to bed? We can show you how to use essential oils placed in a diffuser to spread beautiful relaxing aromas throughout your room to help you relax and get off to a sound sleep. Essential oils have been used by millions of people to apply in aroma therapy giving off beautiful scents to enrich the atmosphere. The use of a diffuser allows these essential oils to be reduced into small particles that can suspend in the air and give off a wonderful aroma that can be relaxing or even therapeutic, depending on the blend of oils used. In the old days, people would place some oil into a boiling bowl of water and the steam would break up the particles. Today, we have more sophisticated diffusers that perform that task with much less fuss or trouble.

One of the key questions we get is in regard to which blends to use for which situations. Different essential oils have different properties and different blends of oils with these different properties can be tricky sometimes. Well, we have and excellent solution for these questions. We have teamed up with the wonderful Dr. Z and his wife, who operate a wonderful informational website that answers these and many more questions about which essential oils and blends to use for each situation. Look for the link on our site “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” and take a free course on how to use essential oils. I have just completed the course and I have to tell you; it is awesome!

One of the uses of essential oils that I have used personally for years it a blend that is recommend for respiratory congestion. Even before I was introduced to essential oils, I used to use Vicks vapor rub in a steam distributor whenever I got a cold with respiratory congestion. Since then, I have found out that there can be problems using the old Vicks and that the specific essential oils blended in a diffuser is much more effective and much safer to use. Another thing about the “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” is that the course will help you discover some other blends that you may not even have thought of.

Another use for these wonderful essential oils is to help the kids calm down at bedtime and get off to sleep much easier. One of the blends that Dr. Z recommends is a mixture of Peppermint and Lavender essential oil in a diffuser and have it running a few minutes before the kids get into bed. As they come into the room, they immediately smell that wonderful scent of the essential oils and it begins to work physiologically as well as psychologically. The essential oils produce a chemical reaction in the brain that stimulates it to begin to produce hormones that help to calm. The psychological effect is interesting because it ties the scent that is detected with a memory of calming down. The two processes together are like magic in helping the kids calm and relax into sleep. It’s not too bad for adults either!

I want to encourage you to take another look at diffusing these wonderful essential oils for your healing, calming and relaxation. Not only do we carry an excellent quality of essential oils on this website, but we also offer some diffusers. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive to do the job well. I also want to encourage you to click on the link for “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” and take their excellent course to learn how to use essential oils better and in more ways. You will be amazed at the variety of applications in which we can use these beautiful essential oils for our health and wellness and enrich our lives for abundant living!