Calming Harp Music

Calming Harp Music

Steve Rees
How to Relieve Stress with Beautiful Calming Harp Music
The Drug Free Way to Peace and Calm

If I could promise you that listening to calming harp music would help to relieve the stresses of your life, would you believe me? If I could tell you that your sleepless nights would be over by starting to listen to calming harp music, could you get excited about that? If I could promise that your kids would be so much easier to settle down at night if you would just play some calming harp music softly in the background as they went to bed, would you be willing to try that approach? I can tell you confidently that all of this is possible and actual because I receive multiple emails from around the world testifying to all of the above situations that I have proposed. People do have relieve from stress; people do start to sleep when they were insomniac before. Children do settle down and go right to sleep. This calming harp music has changed many peoples lives and I am continually astonished by the reports that I receive from thankful people singing the praises of this wonderful music.

When I was practicing as a Registered Nurse performing hemodialysis treatments as my specialty, I started taking in a small harp I had made and taught myself to play and offer calming harp music for my patients during the course of their treatment. As I would play the calming harp music, I would notice some very interesting physiological effects on my patient. Their blood pressure would come down. They would go to sleep when sleep had eluded them previously. Their oxygen saturations would increase. The pain medicine that hadn’t worked before, started working. The only difference was the calming harp music that I was playing for them.

Calming harp music has been proven scientifically to be just as, or even more so, than pharmaceutical preparations for preops and calming agitated patients in the hospital. A study was completed using a random selection of people who were scheduled for surgery and they were given an option of taking a pre-op medication or using calming music for at least 15 minutes before they went in to the surgery suite. Those who listened to the calming music actually scored higher than the medicated people on a test that had been developed to asses their stress level. In other words, the calming music was more effective for calming them down than the drugs that were offered.

One amazing story of how effective this calming harp music involves one person who wrote me that she was having a terrible time trying to sleep. She had been in an accident that had killed her husband and left her son brain damaged and she had to sleep with one eye open because her son would wonder out into a busy street at anytime during the night because he mostly didn’t sleep and was quite restless. As time wore on and she became more and more debilitated from lack of sleep, she was crying out one night for some kind of relief. As she states it; somehow, she found my website that has a playlist of calming harp music that I have recorded and she began to play the calming harp music, looping it for repeat throughout the night. She told me that has the music played, her son began to sleep, and because he slept, she was finally able to sleep. She later told me that he had been having frequent seizures up until then, but when she started playing the calming harp music every night, the seizures stopped.

Calming harp music has proven itself to be very effective in reducing stress and assisting in sleep for many people around the world. It has shown itself to be as effective or even more effective than medications for calming patients in the hospital setting and at home. With all the side effect of pharmaceuticals that are marketed today, a basic question comes to mind, “Why would you use these toxic, expensive chemicals with all their side effects when listening to calming harp music would achieve the desired effects without all the side effects and the cost of the pharmaceuticals?” I would challenge you today, to “taste and see” some of the free calming harp music I have on and then once you have experienced the wonderful effects of reducing stress and inducing sleep, purchase some of the available CDs or MP3s for your listening library. We even have a 20% off sale going on right now until the end of the month, so hurry on over and never be the same!