Steve Rees

All I can ever do is write what is on my heart, when we listen to our hearts and speak from them, we are speaking from a secret place of the most high and these words become his words and this message becomes his message.  As Yeshua says to draw near to him so that he will draw near to us the burden of the times can only be carried by him with the nail holes in his hands, the one that sacrificed himself so that all future generations might be saved who believe on Yeshua tortured on the stake and brought back to life on the third day with the keys to the gates of hell taken from the enemy himself, it is he who makes intercession for us today willing us on to his victory on the last day. 

This is my statement of faith and in these end days our faith is more important than ever, and our faith will be tested like has never been.

When everything is stripped away, who are we then? A question that has meandered its way through my mind on many an occasion, somehow feeling more relevant now than before.  Even when corona had just made its way to our shores, I knew there was a truth deeper than the one we were being told and while I was falling victim to the fear propaganda being spewed 24/7 by every major media outlet everywhere and dealing with the effects and losses of an extended lockdown, I could tell something was changing.

Almost two years on I can see how right I was but also how small my thinking and understanding were, the gospel of Matthew says that in the end times the love of many will grow cold and many will stumble and hate one another and betray one another, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, fathers and sons will turn on each other, and here we are.

The bible speaks of a refined and purified people and bride worthy of her groom the king of all kings and master of all masters, who was and is and is to come, not a comfortable and lazy people but a people tried in the fire purified by the blood of the lamb.  Many will fall, and many will stumble, but to those who endure to the end, to them will be given the right to be called sons and daughters of the most high Elohim.

I’m not afraid anymore, none of us should be, to the set apart believers ours is to remain faithful knowing we are not of this world, ours is the eternal life with Yeshua yet to come, the bible says to not be afraid of those who can harm the body, rather fear him who has the power to destroy both the body and the soul.  In these troubling times I will leave you with this as it has become a great source of peace and comfort to me when my soul has been afraid.

John Chapter 14 Verse 27: Peace I leave to you. I give my own peace to you. It is not as the world gives I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled and do not have fear.

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Rak Chazak

Steve Rees

This video was what started it all for me as I watched it months ago and until recently it didn’t make sense, I could tell there was something there, but I didn’t know what it was, but now I do, and I explore it more every day.

Rak Chazak means everything to me, I’ve said we all must be guided and choose a hill to die on and this one is mine; this Audacious Certainty of Success speaks so clearly to our assured victory at the end and the hope and promise of the world to come, the new heaven and the new earth, our eternal home.

I can remember waking in the night surrounded by fear, this tangible sense of fear where I began to pray and the spirit just kept saying Rak Chazak, Rak Chazak over and over so I joined in and could feel the boldness of the spirit within, and victory and peace take the place of fear.  The enemy fears the emboldened believer, he want’s us weak, afraid, confused, full of regret and shame, but not one of those speaks to any character of Elohim, our War Cry is victory, our War Cry is Rak Chazak.

I remember recently reading in Hebrews Chapter 11 Verse 38, it starts “Persons of who the world was not worthy” That is the spirit of Rak Chazak, read all of chapter 11 as it was and is life changing.  Think of Daniel being thrown in the lion’s den but remember before he was faithful to Elohim despite the decree of the king, remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the furnace because they would not bend the knee and worship the idol, their Audacious Certainty of Success was in Elohim either they would be justified or they would be dead, either way they would not compromise their belief in Elohim.

Paul facing his persecution in Jerusalem because of his faith in Mashiyach was able to stand before Cesar in Rome, and David because of his faith and Audacious Certainty of Success was able to fell the giant Goliath and route the enemy.

And now today, there are so many examples in the bible and through history this could be an endless book of their deeds, but we the set apart believers living in this present are so many are pushed around, beaten spiritually, downtrodden and oppressed. This War Cry is where the line is drawn, this is where we say no further, this is where we live to the calling Elohim has put upon us since the foundations of the world were, and this is where we finish the work he has put before us, and that is when we will go to meet him in the clouds of his glory and live in eternity with our father.

If you want to know what Rak Chazak is, now you know, my prayer is that it blesses you and changes your life just as it has mine.

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The Light in The Darkness


In the quiet of the morning just after waking from a night’s rest, the mind is focused whereas hazy for some, it is time to write and see the power of the words upon my heart come to bear of the state the world has become.

As the demon possessed once spoken about in the bible said all those years ago, Yeshua I know and Paul I have heard of, but who are you? That sums up the state of our churches and in so many ways it sums up who we as believers have become.  I remember in school the big question always seemed to be where had the power of the Acts church gone, maybe more importantly where had the power of Torah gone, remember there was a time where Elohim dwelt amongst his people in displays of power and glory the world had never seen.

There never has been an excuse, who we are and what we do has always been a choice, there is no devil made me do it the choice has always been fully in your hands, when Moshe went to the mountain and was gone 40 days even though Elohim himself covered that mountain in a cloud in full view of the people, they still made the golden calf to worship it instead of the one true Elohim.  This Is after they had seen plagues laid upon the Egyptians, deliverance from their slavery, the parting of an entire sea and on and on and on, they still turned away at the first chance and it is still the same today as it was then, we look to man for our solutions instead of Elohim.

Elohim wanted to be among his people, and they were the ones who said no, Elohim is too scary instead let there be a mouthpiece for him to speak his word to us, now maybe would we give everything to hear from Elohim himself and see the power of his hand once again move across the hearts of the people of this land.  All Elohim has ever wanted is for all of his creation to worship him in faith and unity so that he can pour his blessings upon his people of all nations, of all colour and of all languages.

In Elohim we are all one, his love is the binding power of all of it, but when we give in to hate and fear we begin to unwind that binding power and allow the division of the enemy in, the watch towers have been abandoned and the enemy is at the gates while the sentry is sleeping within unaware of the danger that is moments from breaking through.  We have shut our churches and places of worship at the whim of power-hungry demon possessed governments showing we seek the approval of man above the approval of Elohim and perhaps church is just entertainment now and Elohim is far removed from it.

The bible says the fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom, how can this now be when we fear man’s word above Elohim? We have turned to darkness seeking peace and comfort meeting only death and despair, we seek out demons disguised for love only to find hate and deception.  My Elohim is love and peace and mercy, but we forget he is also judgement and wrath as has been evidenced so many times through history and at some point he will demand a harvest where the good and evil are separated and judged each to the works they have performed and the relationship they have for the light and for the darkness.

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The End?

Steve Rees

War, Fear, Hatred, Disease, Social Unrest, Political Dissidence, Division, and a Darkness beginning to cover the earth we were warned of thousands of years ago and yet we ignore the signs and continue with the turning to self, the reality is we are trying to kill God after all we did it once why not try and do it again.

We are driving him out of our schools, our places of work, our homes and every other area we can possibly think of, and yes that even includes our places of worship, yet all the while allowing all that is not Elohim free reign and even teaching our children to embrace all that is not from Elohim the one true creator of all things. Since this corona virus has taken place, I have asked myself a lot, and on many occasions been asked if I think this is the end.

Yeshua told us to watch out for the signs of the times at the end of the age and yes so much of what is happening right now lines up with what the bible says, but I also don’t believe that one event can signal the end of time, if it isn’t corona virus it will be something else to worry about, no for me the biggest sign of the end of the age is the actions and decisions of the people we share this world with.

When governments started shutting down cities and states where was the church? when they went to court and the courts stated that the church was entertainment, where was the proof to the contrary, when people needed the church the most it shut the doors because it was more afraid of man than it was of Elohim, makes me wonder if they ever actually were anything more than entertainment after all.

I do believe that Yeshua is calling his people to get their houses in order, I remember a few months back when all those people went to DC to protest the election results, hundreds of thousands of passionate people showing their support for and love for their country while at the same time protesting the plight of that very country. Some of the videos of people singing patriotic songs and waving flags proudly marching in unity, I remember thinking that they were so close to having it right, imagine if people had that same care and passion for Yeshua, would we actually live what the bible says?

2 Chronicles 7:14 14if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

The world will call us the conspiracy theorists, the doomsday preppers, and just plain crazy and those are the nice ones, I personally have come too far to turn back now, the reality of the truth that can only come from Yeshua is too great and his time is too close to not be paying attention.

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How Music Affects Brain Development

HulkApps.com Collaborator
I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who is studying to become a doctor. We have had numerous conversations about how music and frequencies affect our physiology and he has a great interest in discovering more studies and information that supports the scientific approach. He showed me an article that he had found that talked about how music was found to actually increase the white matter in certain areas of our brain.

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Healing Light

HulkApps.com Collaborator
Last issue I introduced the technology of Biophoton imaging which actually records an image of the light being emitted from our cells. I would like to explore this phenomenon in more detail in this issue. Actually, in the last 3 to 4 decades there has been a virtual explosion of understanding and application of light therapy in the medical field. Not only is light being emitted from our cells, but we are discovering multiple ways in which we can use light to help heal our cells.

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Listening to Music is Good for Your Heart

HulkApps.com Collaborator
I have noted in a previous article that heart function was apparently “improved” by listening to the harp music. For this month’s article, I would like to present a couple of studies that have been presented in peer reviewed publications that appear to add some scientific credibility to that observation.

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Medication Alternatives

HulkApps.com Collaborator

The other day, I was reading an article from Reuters that got me thinking.  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-rationing-drug-shortages/hospital-pharmacists-face-dozens-of-drug-shortages-yearly-idUSKCN1R827Z

The article deals with hospitals and doctors currently facing significant shortages of dozens of drugs on a regular basis.

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Personal Effects of Music and Frequency

HulkApps.com Collaborator
I would like for us to take a little break from all the studies and knowledge that we have been considering and take a more practical hands on – or shall we say ears on - approach to the subject of the effects of calming music on our minds, bodies and spirits.

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PEMF for Health and Wellness

Steve Rees
I would like to share another modality that has proven to give some great health benefits. PEMF is the abbreviation for Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies...

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