Exciting Development in Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy

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Imagine… A vibrant, energetic, healthy you! Aches and pains are ancient history. Your doctor hasn’t heard from you in such a long time that your medical records have been put in storage. Sounds great, right!?

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Berkey Water Systems Help Save the Planet!

Steve Rees
We could spend a lot of time talking about how pure the water is that a Berkey Water System generates. We could talk about how many contaminants a Berkey Water System removes. These are significant features of the Berkey technology. However, I would like to talk about something much simpler but equally as important.

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Is Pain from Sore Muscles Slowing You Down – Amazing Benefits of Power Strips

Steve Rees
Is your busy life and uncomfortable mattresses causing you to move a little slower these days? If you suffer from minor aches and pains, you're not alone. Frequent pain is a commonplace experience in the general population. Research shows that most people can think of at least one occasion in the past month, or even in the past week, when they had a body ache or experienced muscle soreness.

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Music for Calming the Autonomic Nervous System

Steve Rees
We have wonderfully designed bodies! We find many integrated systems that are functioning within our bodies. It is easy to see how amazing it is that we can walk in health and wellness; even thriving and not just surviving. One of these systems is what is called the Autonomic Nervous System that is a combination of our brain, nerve matrix, and neurotransmitters that control most of our body functions. The Autonomic Nervous System is then generally broken down into the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic influences.

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The Best Water Filtration Systems for Chemical and Toxin Free Water

Steve Rees
Whenever you use the word “Best” it is recognized that this is usually disputable. Since there are many water filtration systems available on the market today, it would be difficult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that any one was the best. However, upon considering the characteristics and efficacy of the Berkey system, one would be hard pressed to disprove the “Best” label. So, I will give you some reasons as to why this label could actually apply.

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Shalom for Life

Steve Rees

I want to spend this time with you talking about something very dear to my heart. It seems that the culture around us is so divisive these days. Political divides, family divides, cultural divides, race divides and on and on. I want to make sure you understand that I am not singling out any one group. I want to address this chaos in a more general fashion.

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Healthy Living with Natural Supplements

Steve Rees
How to have Abundant Healthy Living with Natural Supplements
Making up for the deficiencies of our depleted soils


Rachel was beside herself. Her baby was experiencing an extreme case of eczema over her whole body and the doctors didn’t know what to do. They had tried creams and oral medications, but nothing was working. No one had thought about finding any deficiencies in her diet and giving the proper natural supplements to address it. No one that is, until Rachel, in desperation began to research what might be related to the symptoms that her daughter was experiencing. Rachel ran a health food store, so her thoughts turned towards natural supplements and the deficiencies that they addressed. Little did she realize the dramatic effects she would see once the proper natural supplements were administered to her suffering baby.

As Rachel dove into researching the probable causes for her daughter’s condition and finding the correct natural supplements that could correct the accompanying symptoms, she began to home in on those symptoms caused by insufficient Magnesium in the diet. One of the listed symptoms was eczema which matched what her baby daughter was experiencing. Rachel also used some trials with different foods in her diet to see which ones might be linked with the appearance of the symptoms. This eventually led to the discovery that she had eaten at a restaurant that used MSG in their food preparation. As the research developed, she discovered that there would need to be a natural supplement of Magnesium and an avoidance of MSG at the same time. As she found out, the MSG kept the body from absorbing Magnesium and therefor created the need for the natural supplementation of Magnesium to address the eczema symptoms that her daughter was experiencing.

Rachel believed that she could find natural good sources that would offer the supplementation that she needed so she started researching out food sources. She found that coffee of all things, that was not ferment processed (wet processing) and cacao that also was not fermented were excellent sources of Magnesium to use for a natural supplement. She produced a combination of dry processed cacao beans and dry processed Ethiopian longberry coffee that she called Magnesium Medicine and began to give it as a natural supplement to her daughter. The results were what many people referred to as a miracle! The baby’s skin cleared up and she began to grow hair on her scalp.

When we met Rachel and her family, Jenna was a healthy bubbly 9-year-old girl with absolutely no symptoms of the eczema that had once plagued her; a great testimony to the effectiveness of natural supplementation. Rachel offered some of her natural supplement – Magnesium Medicine – to us that evening and my wife said she would decline because it had coffee in it and she wouldn’t sleep. Rachel dared her to try it anyway and said, “The coffee in this natural supplement will not keep you awake,” and went on to tell us about the characteristics of wet processed versus the dry processed coffee beans and cacao that she used in this natural supplement. My wife accepted her dare and took some and had one of the best sleeps of her life. In the morning Rachel knowingly smiled and told her that the Magnesium also produced extra serotonin that helps to calm us down.

As I talk with farmers and nutritionists, I am being told repeatedly that even our organic foods don’t have the levels of minerals that were present in earlier times. We have had so many crops grown off our soils that many of the trace minerals have been depleted. I told the story of Rachel and Jenna because I wanted to underscore the idea that we can be eating all the right foods, but still not getting all the minerals and vitamins that we need. That is why The Calming Store has decided to begin to offer natural supplements to our community. We have teemed up with Fullscript to offer a wide variety of natural supplements and other items from multiple sources and suppliers to give you a wide choice in addressing any deficiencies that may be showing up in your life. We have included a list titled “My Favorites” that you can use as a guide for your purchases or you can cruise through the whole catalog to find something specific you are looking for in natural supplements.

It is the goal of The Calming Store to provide you with information, education, resources and supplies so that you can gain the knowledge you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Natural supplements are one of those categories that contribute to the whole package. Take a look at our favorite natural supplements and determine which ones will work for you. You will find the Fullscript site easy to use and very helpful in determining which natural supplements will work best for the situations that you are facing today. Your control over your health is our goal!

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Food Freedom = Real Life Transformation

Steve Rees

Subject: Food Freedom = Real Life Transformation

Yay, it's finally here! Well almost...

...The Essential Oils Diet by my friends, Dr. Eric and Sabrina Zielinski officially publishes on May 7, but you can get started today!

For anyone that pre-orders Dr. and Mama Z’s  new book today, they are offering a super awesome book bonus package that includes 2 eBooks to get you started right away and a group coaching coaching program valued at $397.

They are also including more than 4 hours of never-before-seen videos ($197 value) which includes:

  • Six of Mama Z's brand new cooking shows.
  • An exercise video series where Mama Z shows you how to successfully perform each home exercise recommended in the book.
  • A pre-recorded live shopping tour to help you navigate the supermarket.
  • And more...

<< Get Your Copy of The Essential Oils Diet HERE >>

Inside the pages of The Essential Oils Diet, you’ll discover the truth about:

  • Nutritional value labels and why reading them is pointless (Flip to page 16)
  • Diets like Keto, Paleo, and other restrictive plans and the real reason they don’t work in the long-term (Find this on page 18)
  • Bioactive compounds and how a bioactive-rich diet can protect your body from free radicals, burn calories and even prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer. (Turn to pages 31-36)
  • The Awful Eight so-called “health foods” that have been connected to everything from bladder, breast and endometrial cancer to allergies, seizures, headaches and more. (Read about these on page 51-59)
  • The Essential Eight bioactive-rich foods that impact your weight and your health (Listed on page 78)
  • Using essential oils to burn off stubborn fat, reset your metabolism, balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation and unhealthy food cravings (Discover all of this on pages 117-136)

Food Freedom = Real Life Transformation

This is NOT another diet made to be broken, The Essential Oils Dietis a proven, healthy lifestyle plan that taps into the natural power of bioactive foods & essential oils to help you reach your ideal weight and fight disease from the inside-out.

You'll find "food freedom" again. No more counting carbs, calories or fats.

Your life will never be the same because we'll show you how to live in a way that is enjoyable (i.e. no "cheat days"), sustainable (this is not a fad) and abundant life giving!

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It’s Time to Get Started

Did you know that, according to research, it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit?

That’s why this high-octane, laser-focused 60-day Essential Oils Diet challenge is the best companion to The Essential Oils Diet book.

Give Dr. Z and Mama Z a mere two months and they’ll help you reshape your entire outlook on food, exercise and healthy habits to set you up for the rest of your life!

This one-of-a-kind bonus empowers you to create your Essential Oils Diet plan with 60 days of group coaching from Dr. and Mama Z and the encouragement of fellow enthusiasts inside the intimate and safe Support Group.

Making lifestyle changes is easy and fun when you have expert coaching AND a cheerleading community rooting for you!

When you pre-order your copy today, you also get these “BONUSES (worth $735!) to further equip you for an abundant and healthy life.

Pre-order your copy of The Essential Oils Diet HERE and get one for a friend so they can be your healthy living partner through your journey!

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Diffusing Essential Oils

Steve Rees
How to Calm a Room by Diffusing Essential Oils -
Beautiful Aromas for Calming and Relaxing


Do you need some help relaxing just before you go to bed? We can show you how to use essential oils placed in a diffuser to spread beautiful relaxing aromas throughout your room to help you relax and get off to a sound sleep. Essential oils have been used by millions of people to apply in aroma therapy giving off beautiful scents to enrich the atmosphere. The use of a diffuser allows these essential oils to be reduced into small particles that can suspend in the air and give off a wonderful aroma that can be relaxing or even therapeutic, depending on the blend of oils used. In the old days, people would place some oil into a boiling bowl of water and the steam would break up the particles. Today, we have more sophisticated diffusers that perform that task with much less fuss or trouble.

One of the key questions we get is in regard to which blends to use for which situations. Different essential oils have different properties and different blends of oils with these different properties can be tricky sometimes. Well, we have and excellent solution for these questions. We have teamed up with the wonderful Dr. Z and his wife, who operate a wonderful informational website that answers these and many more questions about which essential oils and blends to use for each situation. Look for the link on our site “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” and take a free course on how to use essential oils. I have just completed the course and I have to tell you; it is awesome!

One of the uses of essential oils that I have used personally for years it a blend that is recommend for respiratory congestion. Even before I was introduced to essential oils, I used to use Vicks vapor rub in a steam distributor whenever I got a cold with respiratory congestion. Since then, I have found out that there can be problems using the old Vicks and that the specific essential oils blended in a diffuser is much more effective and much safer to use. Another thing about the “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” is that the course will help you discover some other blends that you may not even have thought of.

Another use for these wonderful essential oils is to help the kids calm down at bedtime and get off to sleep much easier. One of the blends that Dr. Z recommends is a mixture of Peppermint and Lavender essential oil in a diffuser and have it running a few minutes before the kids get into bed. As they come into the room, they immediately smell that wonderful scent of the essential oils and it begins to work physiologically as well as psychologically. The essential oils produce a chemical reaction in the brain that stimulates it to begin to produce hormones that help to calm. The psychological effect is interesting because it ties the scent that is detected with a memory of calming down. The two processes together are like magic in helping the kids calm and relax into sleep. It’s not too bad for adults either!

I want to encourage you to take another look at diffusing these wonderful essential oils for your healing, calming and relaxation. Not only do we carry an excellent quality of essential oils on this website, but we also offer some diffusers. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive to do the job well. I also want to encourage you to click on the link for “Essential Oils for Abundant Living” and take their excellent course to learn how to use essential oils better and in more ways. You will be amazed at the variety of applications in which we can use these beautiful essential oils for our health and wellness and enrich our lives for abundant living!

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Reduce Stress With Harp Music

Steve Rees
Are the Stresses of the Day Getting you Down?
Change Your Life with Calming Harp Music

 There is testimony after testimony from people using calming harp music to relieve the stresses of their days. We want to share some of these testimonies with you so that you can see how effective and wonderful this calming harp music is and how it could be used to bring calm into your home and office. As this beautiful music bathes the background atmosphere with calm and peace, many people are sharing how beneficial this calming harp music is to the routines of their lives. It is our aim to give you the encouragement and evidence you may need in order to bring this wonderful calming music into your lives and combat the stresses that we all face as we go through our daily commitments and activities.

I was playing my calming harp music one day in my mother’s hospital room. She would ask me to play one song and we would talk and then she would think of another song and I would play it, and so we passed the day. As the day shift ended and the PM shift came on, the morning nurse came in to talk with us before she left for home. She said, “When I came in this morning, the day looked like it was going to be terrible. As I started the shift, I braced myself for the onslaught many anticipated problems. But as you played, and that beautiful calming harp music wafted through the unit, the atmosphere was changed, and I have to tell you that this has been one of the best days of my career! Can you make sure you come tomorrow and play some more!?” That beautiful calming harp music had been responsible for a complete turnaround on that hospital unit and that nurse had recognized the change.

Another time we were visiting a friend in Virginia and as we talked through the day, I noticed that she had one of my CDs of calming harp music playing in the background. As the day progressed, I noted that the same song from the same calming harp music CD came around again and then once again later on. The third time, I asked my friend if she might not be getting a little tired of the same music repeating over and over. Her answer surprised me. She said, “Oh no, I play this beautiful calming harp music all through the day, every day! I have found that as this beautiful music plays in the background, my whole day goes so much better. No! I’m not tired of it.” I was amazed at her answer, but as time goes on, I have received many other testimonies with the same idea.

Another time, I was asked to play some calming harp music in the surgery suit while a friend of mine was having a surgical procedure. As the surgery proceeded, I played the harp using some of my calming harp compositions. The surgeon finally finished and told the staff that they could take my friend into recovery room. Then he turned to me and said, “But you stay here and keep playing that beautiful calming harp music. That music just settled me down and this surgery just went so well. Could I hire you to do this every day?” Of course, he was partly joking about the hiring, but he was serious about how this calming harp music had calmed his stress filled day.

This calming harp music has been used in massage rooms, birthing centers, hospital rooms, restaurants, wine tasting events, weddings, funerals, corporate retreats, fairs, churches, dialysis clinics, cars (while driving), emergency rooms, senior care facilities, Alzheimer care units, and so many other places. There is really no place that this calming harp music cannot be used. Testimonies I receive by email from all over the world never cease to amaze me about how this calming harp music is affecting the lives people. One of the strangest uses was one person who told me that now that she plays this music to her goats as she milked them, it was so much easier!

I want to invite you to experience this calming harp music for your self and see what it can do for you. If you go to the calming harp website: www.calmingharp.com you will find a playlist at the bottom of the home page and you can listen an extensive list of this calming harp music. If you like what you hear, then you can click on the “Marketplace” tab and find many of the CDs of this calming harp music that I offer there. You can also download mp3 files instantly. It is my firm belief that if you are seeking effective ways to reduce that stresses of your life, you will find this calming harp music a tremendous benefit to bring into your life and experience the calming and peace that many around the world are experiencing.  

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